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          Products CE/ISO
            - Caps
            - Face Mask
            - Apperal
            - Foot Series
            - Others
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            Samji  is a comprehensive manufacturer integrated by developing, manufacturing and trading. Our company offers a wide selection of disposable non-woven products and plastic products, ranging from daily use face mask, various caps, overall, lab coat, apron, sleeve cover, glove, shoe cover, boot cover, beard cover, shopping bag, anti-dust cover, bed sheet, pillow case and bikini, to medical items for hospital use including surgical gown, surgical pad etc.. The products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea, HongKong  and some other countries and regions, gained good reputation in international market.
            We are committed to provide products with various features customized for clients, with the introduction of imported raw material SBPP(Polypropylene), Spunlace, SMS, Microporous, Needle punch, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, CPE,PE…  Products can be in different features including anti-static, anti-oil, anti-blood, alcohol resistance, anti-bacterial, fire-resistance, water proof, breathable  etc..
            The philosophy of “Quality first, competitive price based on win-win principle, good lead time and service ”, Samji has obtained fairly good customer satisfaction and is greatly willing to and strongly hopes to have a profitable cooperation with your valued company. 


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