XIANTAO SAMJI NON-WOVEN PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. -Protect your health,our task!-
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          Products CE/ISO
            - Caps
            - Face Mask
            - Apperal
            - Foot Series
            - Others
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          XianTao Samji Non-Woven Products Co., Ltd.

              Samji  is a comprehensive manufacturer integrated by developing, manufacturing and trading. Our company offers a wide selection of disposable non-woven products and plastic products, ranging from daily use face mask, various caps, overall, lab coat, apron, sleeve cover, glove, shoe cover, boot cover, beard cover, shopping bag, anti-dust cover, bed sheet, pillow case and bikini, to medical items for hospital use including surgical gown, surgical pad etc. The products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan...
          Hospital/Laboratory/Clean room
            Overall/Coverall, Lab coat, Isolation gown/Surgical gown, Bouffant cap, Clip cap/Strip cap/Mob cap, Doctor cap,Nurse cap,Bed sheet,Pillow case,Surgical pad, Face mask,Shoe cover,Gloves,Car cover,Anti-dust cover...
          Industrial/Agricultural Protection
            Bouffant cap,Clip cap,Nylon cap,Pirate cap,Astronaut cap,Face mask,Apron,Gloves,Shoe cover,Boot cover,Overall/Coverall, Lab coat,Scrub suit...
          Home/Beauty Salon
            Clip cap, Shower cap, Face mask, Mattress Beed sheet, Pillow case, Sleeve cover, Apron, Gloves, Towel, Kimono, Pants, Bikini, Slipper, Shopping bag...
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